2018 Class Schedule

Chicken Observations, Conversations & Totem

April 23- May 20, 2018 (4 weeks)
Online - Dedicated FB Secret Page

Class Size Limit: 12

Cost:$25.00 (advance payment required)
To pay via PayPal...

Nature is always communicating with us. Somewhere along the way, a lot of us humans have forgotten this language that resides deep our bones. It is a simple matter of having the guidance to know how to recognize the communication, how to access what is still there in our bones, and some practices to sharpen our skills. Why is this important? The plants and animals have a lot of earth wisdom to share. What they know can enrich our lives deeply.

This class is truly fun and I guarantee, NOT as hard as you think. You can absolutely do the assignments and at the very least, you will gain new skills of observation, so vital in monitoring the health in our flock.

  • I will give 4 homework assignments, one each week, and you will have a week to complete on your own schedule.

  • I will create a secret FB page for complete privacy for asking questions, sharing your stuff and helping others.

  • I will give each student a certificate of your work as an augur and the totem at the end of the course.

Class outline will be emailed out to each student one week before class starts and information on what to generally expect. To make the class a success you:

  • Need regular and easy access to chickens to complete the homework

  • Should share what you learn from each assignment on the FB page

More Questions? Email me at contact@moonlightmileherbs.com

If you would like to send a check instead of using Paypal, it would be appreciated if you contact me first to do that.

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2018 Susan Burek