MMHF mandala

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Moonlight Mile Herb Farm is dedicated to the practice of organic farming and the use of other age-old practices that once sustained life while nuturing the earth. Our farm's mission is to preserve and restore our wild native herb plant population by re-introducing those plants to our local area and educating others to do the same. To promote natural chicken keeping with methods that are natural to their health and well-being. To provide a safe and nourishing haven for all animals that may reside here, domestic or wild, so that they, along with the plant people, may have sanctuary to reveal their magical teachings.
~ Susan Burek, Herbalist, Author & Inventor

Join me on my group page for a unique gathering of those new to poultry keeping and experienced keepers and herbalists alike. Lots of lively discussion with a warm, friendly group of poultry and herbal enthusiasts.

MMHF mandala

The spiritual mandala was painted for Moonlight Mile Herb Farm by gifted healer Ruthie Basham who resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Moonlight Mile Herb Farm 2015 Susan Burek