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Artisan Poultry Products


I remember clearly my first garden as a six year old girl, grown under the guiding hand of my dad. Both my parents were raised on a farm, and growing a garden was part of life. So, gardens taught me about tradition. Something handed from one generation to the next. It was wonderous to me that plants were such mysterious, living beings that responded to my care and attention. They became my friends. Although it took a while for me to grasp, I realized they were teaching me many things. Through the years, this education has exceeded my wildest imagination.

Now, I live on my own farm, and the plants for food have expanded to include herbs. Wild and otherwise. I have studied through the years the traditions of plant medicine from many wise teachers, on my continuing journey as an herbalist, And the poultry that came to live here, ignited another passion that caught me wholly by surprise. The birds taught me about their relationships with herbs too. This joining of two passions was something that drew me into the language of nature.

The fruition of that union are my product offerings here, by the design of nature, meant to encourage a truly herbal chicken keeping for poultry wellness.

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